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s of cattle and 2,500 serfs, 100 of whom, Nangsans (h▓ousehold slav
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itted he was once awarded 50 serfs for du▓nning rents on the master's behalf. 銆€銆€Liu said, at the tim▓e of democratic reform in 1959, 2.8 million ▓mu (461,285 acres) of land and large quantities of daily necessities were distributed to

the former serfs of more than 80

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hen Gelek, w ho also had do zens of manors. It covered an area of▓ 1,20 0 mu (240 ac res), with 4 00 serfs a nd 100 Nangsans. ?/a> €€銆€Tibetan people in traditional d ress celebrate the first Serfs Emancip ation Day at h ome in Qamdo, sout hwest China' s Tibet Autonomo us Region, M arch 28, 2009. (Xinhua/He Ju nchang)銆€銆€The f 桂阳县wap 平原县5G 鄂尔多斯市wap 吴川市5G 梓潼县wap 金堂县5G 赞皇县5G 芜湖县wap 逊克县wap 安多县wap 绥阳县wap 曲周县5G 达州市wap 建瓯市5G 周宁县5G 萍乡市wap 馆陶县5G 本溪市wap 石家庄市5G 忻城县wap 新开电信合击传奇私服 zhaosfcom传奇私服 开传奇私服视频教程 传奇私服微端版外挂 网通复古传奇私服1.85 传奇私服单机架设视频 传奇私服dnf版本 最新传奇私服打金服 传奇私服新开网站单职业 传奇私服开区合区教程